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Big Profit and Free Shipping Brochures
Wisconsin Classics no peeking Snackin in the USA Nature in Bloom Christmas Candles
47% up to 52% profit 50% up to 55% 50% up to 55% 50% up to 55% 48% up to 53%
candy alternatives
Snackdom Variety Fundraiser Boston’s Best Coffee Backpacks Smencils Fundraiser Flavored Peanuts Jack Link's Smart Snacks
Beef Jerky Smart Snacks
meets new USDA regs
earn 42% up to 45% profit
$1 seller CAL Pak
Snackdom’s Variety

USDA Smart Snacks
41% up to 45% profit

$1 seller coffee
Boston’s Best Backpacks

37% up to 51% profit
free shipping
$1 Smencils
Up to 50% profit
order 1 case
free shipping

$2 Smart Snacks
Flavored Peanuts

51% up to 54% profit
free shipping

Scratch Un Candy Bar
87% profit on Un Candy Bar
In Hand Sales
Hershey $2 Assortment
Hershey’s $2 Variety
42% up to 52% profit
$2 Chocolatiers Community Pack
$2 Chocolatiers
51% up to 57% profit
free shipping on 1 case
Magic Melts Assortment America’s & United Variety Chocolate Pretzels Variety Welch’s Fruit Snacks Variety
$4 sellers
Magic Melts Carry Box

4 carriers of 20 packs
43% up to 56% profit
free shipping
1 case earns $137.60
GREAT $1 seller
America’s Variety
Premium Chocolate Bars

43% up to 53% profit
free shipping on 1 case
free promotion
Van Wyk's $1 seller
Chocolate Pretzel
Variety Packs

43% up to 52% profit
free shipping
free promotion
$1 seller
Welch’s Fruit Snacks
Variety Pack

46% up to 51% profit
order 25 or more
free shipping
Show and Sell
Pure Raw Natural Honey Ashdon Farms Happy Home Flavorings
Stone House Mixes 2 Year Pocket Calendars
Natural Honey
7 all natural flavors
earn 46% up to 51%

$6 Sellers
Ashdon Farms Nuts & Snacks
earn 50% up to 55% profit
$5 Sellers
Happy Home Flavorings
earn 50% profit on 48
$5 Sellers
Stone House Mixes

earn up to 51% profit
$3.50 Sellers
Two Year Planners

earn 50% profit on 6 packs

Holiday & Event
Valentine's Day
Saint Patrick's Day
Easter / Spring
Christmas / Holiday

Ribbon Shaped

Yummy Lix Shockwaves Sour Pops Big Pops – Big Profit Starlyn’s Chocolate Pops
Sports Pops
50¢ pops 51% - 54% 50¢ pops 50% - 53%
BIG Pops BIG Profit
Starlyn’s Pops 41% - 46%
Straight Packs
County Fair Kettle Corn Smens Fundraising Boston's Best Coffee
Jack Links Jerky Starlyns Candy Crayons
$2 sellers
County Fair Kettle Corn
51% up to 56% profit
free shipping
$2 sellers

earn 46% up to 50%
New Glitter & Metallic
$1 sellers
Boston's Best Coffee

show & sell or take orders
earn 36% up to 42% profit

$1.50 - $2 sellers
Jack Link’s Main Page

order 1 case, free ship!
earn 38% up to 65% profit

Crayons & Decadent Bark
buy cases for direct sell
crayons are great for events
earn 44% up to 48% profit
Donation System
Basketball Fundraiser Band FundraisingPennies To DollarsBaseball FundraiserCheer Team Fundraising
earn up to 92% profit with
Pennies to Dollars Donation Scratch Cards

FREE with purchase “thank you” items for your supporters.
One Million Dollar Bills
great fundraising system for active groups
personalized standard cards for $15 or less
personalized + customized with your pictures for $17
FREE cards on every order plus FREE shipping
Custom Design ANY Group
Cheer Team
Music & Arts
Rescue 911
Washington DC Trip
Scratch Un-Candy Bar
Personal Card ANY Group
Ice Hockey
Prom-Formal Event
Support Our Troops
See America First
Powerful Scratch A Thon
Ideas Suggested by group type TOP profit and free shipping
ideas suggested by group type TOP profit with free brochures & shipping
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